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I've been writing since I was a small child. I more than likely picked up the hobby from my father who is an avid writer. I published my first book fresh out of high school and I've continued to write ever since. This page embodies my published and unpublished works. I try to make the majority of my work free, though I have to pay the bills somehow. Money is not a primary driver for anything I create in the realm of art (though it is nice). I mainly write to satisfy the itch I feel every time I dream something fantastical or ponder a story that I can write itself; I am merely a vessel. 


The Life and Death of Herbert the Star

This illustrated children's story covers the birth, life, and death of a very special star and his planetary friends.

(Coming Soon)


The Very Strange Universe of Doctor Natalia Zeal

The Very Strange Universe of Doctor Natalia Zeal is an experimental writing project where a collection of short stories were written and then puzzled together to create a complete time line across the cosmos. Our story begins on Earth in the near future where most diseases are curable and any human body part can be replaced. Despite predictions of Earth's population reaching a counterbalance as it has in the past, the Earth continues to become over crowded. Dr. Zeal comes up with an off-planet plan, but when things go awry, it's up to the doctor to try piece together her life and survive. This story is an ode to the creative process of developing a story and to all of the strong women that keep our society in motion.

(Coming Soon)


A Working Title

Based in North Texas, "A Working Title" is a short fiction about a boy named Eric Wood and how he copes with his past relationships through writing an autobiography. The story is set up in a script form for a sense of realism.

Published: January 2011

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A Misinterpreted World

In a world where so many things are unknown, how are we to understand the complexities that combine to form our reality? A Misinterpreted World explores the foundation of our reality while placing Mark, Kendrick, Sue, and other characters into an adventure that attempts to answer profound questions of time, the paranormal, and the very architecture of reality.

Published: July 2008